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WFA Graduates

Well done congratulations to one and all.

We’re offering four opportunities for people to earn their Wilderness First Aid credentials this year by offering discounted SOLO WFA classes. Two have been completed so far, and we have two more to go for 2017, one on the weekend of October 21st-22nd, then another on the weekend of November 11th-12th. We still have spaces for these open-to-the-public courses.

The Purple Army — Medical Corp

The photo above is the latest class of graduates from this weekend’s group, with Redline Guide and Assistant Barb Cherim (middle row, right) included. This class, specifically, was a women’s-only offering exclusively for the New Hampshire Women’s Hiking Group — a private Facebook group. Also known as “The Purple Army.”

Well done and congratulations to one and all. We thank you for doing this!

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