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Making Re-Newlyweds

Congratulations Christina and Tom.

Getting married is one thing. The love, the passion, the romance… all that chemical craziness going on in our brains. All that newness. “Wow, let’s do this!” Then the years pass and something happens. Couples get used to each other. A certain familiarity sets in. Sometimes, unfortunately, the love birds also get tired of each other. When asked if they’d do it all over again, sadly some would say no. Not these two, however.

Today we got to do the asking during a vows renewal on Cathedral Ledge. Would they do it all over again after twenty-one years together, we asked (though not quite in those words). Times probably weren’t perfect, both of them knew, heck one or both may even have some flaws. But despite any of this, today they stood there atop that giant chunk of rock and without even a hint of delay or glimmer of doubt in their eyes emphatically re-initiated and re-ignited their happily ever afters. “I do,” they said.

And we were there.

Cathedral Ledge is an awesome wedding/renewal venue.

Pretty impressive place.

I do.

JP Mike with Christina and Tom.

Congratulations Christina and Tom! Cheers to 21 more years!

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