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Waiting for the Right Day

They were waiting for the right day and here in the Whites, that can take a year or three. Taking Mt Isolation off the shelf now and then they’d turn it in their hands, carefully examining it, considering doing more, but then penultimately shelving it. Until this trip. So was it worth the wait? Well, according to Redline Guide Mike Maciel, yes. As Mike put it, “the reward was a perfect day.” It stands to reason: they had blue skies, great conditions, a track broken out after the last storm by none other than our very own Mr Chase Hall (thanks Chase), and when a Forest Ranger carded Mike he was fortunately carrying his official Redline Guiding USFS/WMNF guide card. Whew.

That’s the summary, now let’s get to the goods. We know you want to check out Mike’s pics!

Great job, Mike and Guest. Well done, both. To our guest thank you for continuing your adventure with Redline Guiding!

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