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Wanted: Mt Washington

Back in the day he skied Tuckerman Ravine. Now he wanted to climb the mountain — this time with no skis on his back, from the west side, and probably 25-35 years after the fact. But that’s okay. We serve many much older so we had no doubts. Moreover, to his credit, our guest exercised daily to include mountain biking, tennis, ice hockey, and he still skies. But the 6288-foot Mt Washington is what it is and it is a beast. So did our guest make a fair attempt? Yes. And did he summit? Well (spoiler alert), yes again. Redline Guide Arlette Laan was a great supporter as she encouraged him. He did slow down some on the way down; it was a big day, but in the end they made it out in one piece.

Arlette offered this testimony of the day:

‘I have always wanted to climb Mt Washington,’ he said, and climb it he did! The smoke in the air provided some interesting views with higher mountains peeking out above the haze. The air was still, no wind. But the trains were sounding their horns loudly, seemingly to make up for the peace and quiet. The day had a zero percent rain in the forecast but the way this year has been going, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that it did indeed rain in the afternoon. With the colder air coming in we bundled up to stay warm. Even the hats and gloves came out. With the days getting shorter we just about ran out of daylight towards the end but that’s why we carry headlamps. Kudos to my guest for pushing through the hard New England trails! —Arlette

Along with these photos:

Great job both guest and guide, and to our guest, thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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