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That Smarts

Back in the day there was a prior attempt, but it didn’t happen, they didn’t win. The 3238-foot 52 With a View peak in question — Smarts Mountain — beckoned but they couldn’t heed the call. It was all thanks to the snow. We tried attaching a snow plow to Redline Guide Howard Aronson, but it was too much. The team, Howard and one of our regular guests, threw in the towel but vowed to return. And return they finally did. This time they did settle the score, our guest becoming one peak richer in her quest, our guide settling the score. Here are some photos of their successful hike (taken by guide and guest), but first let’s flash back to that one winter day…

Okay, okay, now back to the present.

Well done, team! We’re stoked to see the mountain didn’t win this time! Congratulations!

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