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Our Buddies in Group Two

Just like last weekend, we’ve been hanging out with our buddies, our Hiking Buddies, that is. Together, we are making an effort to educate, giving of our time and wisdom. Together we are offering safety through insight and knowledge, leadership, even companionship. Together, we are trying to let SAR volunteers stay home.

Like our first group, this weekend’s students were working on earning their three-season Redline Guiding/Hiking Buddies certifications. This group was the over 25-year-olds and were charged a substantially reduced rate. Just like the last group. the instruction over the two day period consisted of a partial Hiking Intro, Camp Craft, and River Skills course on day one, and a complete one-day Wilderness Navigation course on day two. Day one was co-led by Redline Guides Mike Maciel and Chase Hall. On day two, Mike Cherim took on a co-lead with Pat Ferland. Both days, despite bone chilling weather on day two, was a success. The students had a great time learning, and we had a great time teaching.

Up next… well, here’s where we pause a bit but we’ll give you a hint: It’ll involve snow and ice, a wintery thing, and more. In the meantime, here are some photos from this weekend’s awesome but soon disappearing three-season experiences. The photos by Chase and Mike C.

Day One Photos – Hike Intro, River Skills, Camp Craft

This was so much fun! Thank you for doing this! —A Student

Day Two Photos — Wilderness Navigation

Wow, I’ve taken a map and compass course before through (NAMES REDACTED) and they barely even scratched the surface of what you teach! Thank you. —Two Students (Independently Cited)

To our instructors and students, well done! Thank you for taking the time to become better, safer hikers!

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