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Traversing the So-Prezies

There are so many interesting tidbits regarding this hike. For one thing it was one participant’s tenth birthday (happy birthday). Moreover this oft-returning peakbagging family also got numbers 6, 7, and 8 of their quest to climb the 4000-footers of New Hampshire. On lead for this two day event involving a stay at the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds hut was Redline Guide Pat Ferland.

The plan specifics went as follows:

  1. The team met at Edmand’s Path which ascends Mt Eisenhower (4763′).
  2. After leaving a car, they drove to the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail.
  3. They climbed the “Ammo” noting that there was a lot of running water on the trail, but the crossings were fun and engaging.
  4. They kept leapfrogging with other groups as everyone was taking their time. It was hot!
  5. They made it to the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds hut — that being their destination for the night.
  6. They arrived at around 1PM so they dropped their sleeping gear after a short break then headed to the summit of Mount Washington (6288′).
  7. The team made good time covering the 1.4 mikes in about an hour and a half. Not bad!
  8. On the summit they stood in a long line for the obligatory summit photo. See photos below.
  9. After some chili and hotdogs at the top, they boogied back down to the hut not wanting to be late for dinner.
  10. When through with dinner they spent some time trying to skip stones in the lake.
  11. Back at the hut the birthday played chess with a Nobo (north-bound thru-hiker) with the trail name “Sweep.”
  12. In the morning they played a couple rounds of banana grams after which they packed up and headed to Mt Monroe (5369′).
  13. The day featured blue skies, baking sun, small breezes, and a lot of pesky black flies.
  14. The team continued on over Little Monroe, Franklin, and then Mt Eisenhower as noted.
  15. Once they summited Eisenhower, they reversed direction aiming for Edmand’s Path and the final miles.
  16. Pat figured this wasn’t a bad way to spend a 10th birthday — hiking in the White Mountains. We agree!

Great lead, Pat, a great hike everyone, congratulations… oh, and happy birthday.

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