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Potash Perfection

How do you turn an imperfect day into a perfect one? Ya hike. So that’s what they did. The weather was imperfect, but the day was spot-on awesome. Redline Guide Tim Jones offered a loop around Hedgehog Mountain or an out-and-back hike to Mt Potash — both beloved 52 With A View peaks. The latter mountain was selected and away they went. There’s really not too much to tell, but Tim did offer up the following text which reads so colorfully and so poetically (in our opinion) we just had to share. Check it out…

The forecast wasn’t inspiring and the ragged edges of the low clouds were hanging over the tops of the mountain as we headed up Potash. The ledges on this trail have enough traction to provide good footing when they are wet and we ambled upward through an ethereal forest, stopping to admire the lady’s slippers that were blooming everywhere, listening to a forlorn sapsucker persistently tapping out his hopeful mating call. At the top we enjoyed our lunch break, then noticed that the clouds were beginning to lift, enough to give us view to the top of the Kanc and down to Church Pond which shimmered like a precious gem. By the time we got off the mountain is was drizzling again, but we had met only five other hikers (plus two polite dogs) and had a great day. —Tim Jones

Tim also grabbed a few photos, below.

Fine lead, Tim. And to our guest, well done, and thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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