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Receding Ice Lines

This evening we will slip into the official spring season. As winter closes hiking is going to start getting harder with its inherent spring dangers and all the challenges that entails. The backcountry ski season is still going strong and will be for a while, though playing in the lower glades has pretty much reached its end. That said, the Nordic is still holding on. We do have to face the facts, though, whether we like it or not, the warmer months are on their way. It is the nature of things.

Also reaching its end is ice climbing. The lower crags and waterfalls are beginning to peel away from their wet, rocky faces as they weep, now unclimbable. Mid-elevation ice in the notches remains, but it is headed south soon, turning itself into water. There will be some alpine ice available for a while to those willing to go after it, but that clock is likewise ticking loudly, like some meteorological clock.

Getting after some of the ice that remains, that mid-elevation stuff, Redline Guide Pat Ferland took one oft-returning guest out on an alpine adventure. Together they found dark spaces away from the sun that still had that freezer feel going on. Nice finds, Pat. These photos are from that trip.

Nice getting after it while it lasts, Pat, and to our guest, thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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