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Pierce in Winter

Awaken from their winter slumber, it was time to hit the hills once again. This time our returning guests were shown the 4313-foot Mt Pierce. This, we say, is a good first 4000-footer. In this case, however, this was their fifth of the 48 — Redline Guide Pat Ferland leading this mother-son team each and every time before this. The mother’s change of job, we understand, did not help with the preparation of this mountain, but the goal was achieved nonetheless. Which is especially good in that the weather today was really mild, often not the case near March’s start when it’s supposed to be “in like a lion, out like a lamb,” right? (That will happen within 24 hours, though.) The pace was relaxed as the weather allowed such a thing. Often times in the winter it mandates that you move just to stay warm. Being that the day was so relaxed it gave Pat a chance to teach our young guest a masterclass of responsible butt-sledding and trailside snowball fighting. Here are some images of the day.

Great job everyone! Thanks for continuing your quest with Redline Guiding!

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