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Meanwhile, a Few Miles North

Long before operations on the Ammo were even underway, Redline Guide Will Murphy and a returning guest were leaving Appalachia behind making their way up to the ridgeline that connects the Northern Presidential peaks. The objective of the day was to hike an entire “Classic traverse” — meaning connecting the obligatory peaks through and including Mt Madison on the northern end and Mt Pierce as the southern terminus. Optional, non-“obligatory” peaks in between meaning Mts Clay and Franklin.

The complete traverse didn’t happen, however, the team stopping short of their goal deciding to throw in the towel after summiting Mt Adams. You may wonder why. Was it fitness, weather, what gives? The answer, we’ll say, is much simpler and though to many will seem insufficient, those who hike often will understand completely. The answer: well, it just wasn’t the day, a closing wind-weather window was just closing too quickly. It wasn’t in the cards. No further explanation is really needed. What follows are some photos of the amazing hike they did have.

Nice attempt, team! An enjoyable hike that much is clear. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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