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A Few Thousand Feet

Is backcountry ski touring on again? We thought it was spring.

The difference a few thousand feet makes becomes all the more apparent in the spring with its more extreme valley-to-mountain juxtaposition. Literally yesterday we foraged in the Mt Washington Valley for ramps (a wild onion) and fiddlehead ferns — succeeding on both fronts. Down low some flowers are poking up through the mulch, crocuses for one, peepers have already begun peeping, breaking only for the cold spell, and there’s no snow or ice to be had. On Mt Washington, however, with its insane weather, it’s still ski season. We know, Redline Guide Dominic Torro was up there leading a backcountry ski tour with three guests from Vermont. As usual, thanks to Dominic for the media, we were able to put together this little keepsake video.

Well done one and all… thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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