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Alpine Skills Grow Up

We made an icon, as we do for all our offerings. You can see it inset to the right. It has jagged, pointy little things on it called mountains. This is meaningful as being more than mere art or decoration as it is indicative of where you’re headed after graduating this 5- to 10-day Advanced Alpine Skills program.

By design, this new and exciting program is meant to be a skills progression taken all at once — only possible with significant notice — or taken in bits and pieces as time and schedules allow, a day here, a weekend here, etc. In either case there are rewards for your commitment as it pertains to pricing.

To learn more about this detailed program, review its content, see the one- to two-person pricing, and to note its listed requirements, see the latest page under our Education tab to get the goods.

If you have question about anything not covered, please reach out.

Ryan McGuire (POV) belaying his second in Central Gully, Huntington Ravine.

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