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Walk, Drive, and Hike

We are a varied bunch ready to lead you up some wintery alpine peak, cliff, or wall of ice to hang out, yet we’re also there when you need us to just show you around. Being chill while warm, so to speak. Our Nature Tours, Tourist Tours, Companion services, and of course our Hiking and Snowshoeing offerings all fill that low-impact, low-risk niche to varying levels.

On this trip we had a couple who wanted to see the sights, have some variety, some good conversation, and to also learn a few things about hiking about about the area. This was a two-day event with day one — led by Redline Guide Mike Cherim — including Glen Ellis Falls, Crystal Cascade, the Mt Washington Auto Road (sadly only to treeline at 4100′, and sadly not in the movie), a lunch stop in Gorham, NH, followed by a walk to Cold Brook Fall, and Gordon Fall out of Appalachia. Since the plan was to form a loop they kept going driving toward Route 302, the sights being pointed out along the way. Once on 302 they made one more stop at Silver Cascade.

On day two, led by Redline Guide Michael Scire, the guest list was halved with only one of the party joining. On the docket was a trip up Mt Willard with enough time to make it to the Cog for an afternoon train ride to the summit. As it turned out, the guest had enough time and energy to take on a second 52 With-a-View peak conquering Mt Avalon as well, with time to spare. Good job!

Everyone contributed visual content with which, as what has become the usual, we complied into a film epic.

Great job everyone. Thank you for choosing to adventure with Redline Guiding!

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