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She Persevered to the End

Sometimes our guests provide us with some insights to how they were feeling at a particular time during their adventure. What thoughts ran into their heads, for example, as they clawed their way up our sometimes-thought-of-as-difficult hiking trails. Sometimes we like to share these thoughts with our readers, with permission from our guests, of course.

Willey was number 18 for me, The ladders, well, the only thing I could say is they are no joke. I looked at them I thought of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ — the old song by the O’Jays. But trust me, there was no heaven at the top only more elevation, more climbing to do. Coming down I thought I would be terrified, but the descent, actually coming out, was pretty easy. I just came down the little old lady way using my hiking poles. I will say starting the hike I was very relieved of the heavy heart. —Our Guest

This hiking tour was led by Redline Guide Pat Ferland. Pat provided some photos and text of his own with which we were able to make this short movie. This one, we knew, would be extra special for our oft-returning guest. Congratulations on number 18!

Well done one and all. Way to get it done. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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