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Classic One-Day Presi

There are several hikes in the White Mountain National Forest that are considered super-tough, extended day (added charge), ironman-esque, super hikes, if you will. For example, the “Pemi Loop,” the “Bonds,” the “Mahoosuc Traverse,” even the “Kilkenny Traverse.” One, the “Classic Presidential Traverse” — going from Mt Madison to Mt Pierce (or visa-versa) — is also right up there. Some will take two, three, even four days to do this hike. Some, like our most recent guest, handled it in a single day, led by super tough Redline Guide Pat Ferland.

The team hiked over 19 miles and over 8000-feet of elevation gain in a single day, completing this traverse. Their time was 12 hours and 45 minutes, of which the vast majority was “moving time.” There wasn’t much time for extended photo shoots, not with this kind of push, but Pat was able to take some, which we put into a short video:

Great lead, Pat, and to our guest, nice way to get after it. Thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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