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Hale’s B/C Ski Glades

Some awesome backcountry ski glades is what one will find if they look on the backside (west side) of the unbeloved 4000-footer called Mt Hale. “Unbeloved” because it is an easy, ordinary 4000-footer lacking views. Many deem it not special, and thus unbeloved. To certain humans, however, the ones willing to work for it, “earning their turns,” the mountain offers a treat, and least to backcountry skiers and riders. A retuning guest wanted this BC ski experience for himself and asked us to help. We put Redline Guide Will Murphy on it and Will (who decided on the destination, delivered the goods). Will also provided this brief summary:

Our guest and I met at “the Gazebo” at Routes 3 and 302 in Twin Mountain to begin our day of Backcountry skiing. The two mile approach heading south went quickly as the grade was easy. Turning to the East we began the uphill skinning to gain the birch glades on Mt Hale. Another two miles up put us in position. After grabbing lunch and stowing our climbing skins, we began the descent.
The snow was a bit crunchy from the recent weather cycle but the open woods still provided some excellent skiing. We intermittently skied the woods and the trail after the glades until we reached the river. From there it was an easy ski back. Our guest fully enjoyed the day reflecting how skiing the woods reminded him of when he was a kid. All in all a great day in a beautiful setting. —Will

And these photos and video clips, which we complied into one clip:

Great job, Will, and to our guest. Thanks for again adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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