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Running the Whites

Really cool parents take their kids hiking. It’s a fact. But after a while the kids grow up and they begin outpacing their parents. That’s when they call Redline Guiding booking a day of mountain trail running — a perfect gift for the birthday of a young man who has clearly become the fastest hiker in the household. Take him out, give him a run, tire him out — if you can. Since it was a full day booking we were thinking initially a Classic Presidential Traverse would be an epic, but due to ground conditions on that range, the trip leader Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire thought a Bonds traverse would be just as cool, but lower and with better footing. It was a sound judgement call.

So, you may be wondering how they did. Well, they crushed it. Even taking the time to hit West Bond. Ryan bragged that it was a sub-six hour traverse — with a moving time of 4:52 — but we reminded him a full day is supposed to be six to eight hours! He assured us he wasn’t slacking, and that everyone was quite pleased. We have no doubt, not with 19.2 miles and over 4000-feet of gain under their feet. Crushed it!

A touch of frost on Guyot in the morning.


West Bond’s view of Bond Cliff.

Hello Bondcliff, said as they jogged down from Bond.

The classic Bondcliff photo.

Nice run! Way to get after it.

Great job team, seriously impressive work. Thanks for adventuring with Redline Guiding.

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