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Jefferson Ravine, Part 2

More images…

The team negotiates the soft ground to minimize impact. (Guest photo.)

And the pond is found, though the team isn’t 100% sure this is the whole thing.

Amazing area, to be sure.

The pond they dubbed “Rosanna.”

This was sooo worth the effort. Stunning and unique.

Wow. Thank you, nature, for this gift. Mike called a (spot-on) 2:00pm turnaround time so the team reverses direction after a while.

Making their way back out.

Gravity and acclimation by way of experience assure the exit’s faster than it was going in.

More please.

Dude, that’s not how it’s done. Why did we not notice this sooner? 😆

The final paces, the team tired but ecstatic.

Google Earth confirms there’s only one open body of water down there and the team found it.

Good job, team. Way to get it done!

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