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Jefferson Ravine, Part 2

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Up to his neck in this bushwhack. (Guest photo.)

Only fun in hindsight. Not really, it still sucks just thinking about it. Overall, however, the prize was worth the fight. (Guest photo.)

Pretty hellish. (Guest photo.)

This area was wicked challenging. (Guest photo.)

One of the easier sections. (Guest photo.)

Ice ice, baby. (Guest photo.)

Ken and one of the guests. Hmm, what’s that look say? (Guest photo.)

Avoiding the leg-breaking man-traps was the first priority.

Ken is the first to note the old trail/herd path so he takes point for a bit.

The team drops to the brook, then climbs back up away from it. The terrain dictates the team’s moves.

They finally break out of the dense woods and score some views.

Mike taking in the view. To say he is stoked at this moment is an understatement, to be sure. (Guest photo.)

Everyone is blown away, happy they made the effort. (Guest photo.)

There are even more photos. Check ’em out…

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