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Bretton Woods Wedding

Lisa and David — Married October 1st, 2020

We once skied through the back yards of the hillside condo owners at Bretton Woods. It wasn’t intentional, we were simply on a powder mission and got off track a bit. We actually had to climb an embankment to get back into the resort. It was very exciting stuff. We saw security vehicles, lights flashing, headed to the condos as we got back on the groomers — we were positive someone called them on account of us. We got away with a high crime, apparently. Good times for crazy kids.

Never did we suspect we’d be having a wedding in the same condos a few years later. But we did. This was a wedding the couple had to work hard for. Normally it’s pretty easy to get a marriage license, but they ran into all sorts of obstacles and challenges. It did happen, however. The planets aligned, the struggle ended, and things came together. The couple stood on their deck, the Presidential Range standing proudly behind them, our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim delivered their custom wedding ceremony and vows, and the couple were wed.

Gateway to the altar.

Impressive backdrop.

Here comes the very excited, very ready couple. They kept wanting to kiss each other, sneaking in peck on the cheek, but Mike told them to wait.

A few minutes later, Mike instructed the now newlyweds to kiss. They totally took him up on the offer.

The couple then danced. This was to be followed by a champagne toast and cake.


Congratulations Lisa and David — so happy everything came together and you finally had your special day!

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