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White Mountain Variety Show

They came to us from lands to the south and to the west that are flatter. They weren’t unfamiliar with our offerings, but they knew what they knew only scratched the surface of what there is to know. They hired us to fill in some of the blanks. One-point-five days, they indicated, is what they had in their time budget. For now (they have promised to return). Please show us some things.

Welcome to the White Mountain Variety Show, here is our program: One day on Mt Washington were you get to see nature’s shy side, hiding in the wind-driven fog atop our tallest peak and largest “4000-footer” ringing in at 6288-feet. There you can imagine startling views stretching off in all directions. But also there, today, you can focus on the small details close by. It’s all there is. Redline Guide Ken Hodges had led them up the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail, took Crawford Path (which in its own right had meaning to them, but that’s another story), then descended via Jewell Trail. The skies did clear some prior to their re-entering the forest, for some variety.

On day two of our Variety Show Mike Cherim led our guests on a half day hike of a smaller mountain, this one from the 52 With A View list: the 2404-foot Pine Mountain in Gorham. There they got sunshine and stellar views, including some of their prior conquest. This was a hike of a different flavor, a different speed, they loved the pacing, the ambiance… it felt good. They savored every outlook. Hiking the Whites is great.

Obviously the White Mountain Variety Show is loaded with different acts (queue the moose, now), but this was a good start. If nothing else, it certainly proved, as they say, that if you don’t like the weather in New Hampshire, just wait a minute. Variety is virtually guaranteed.

Day One…

The Gem Pool.

As soon as they reach the ridge it’s all smiles.


Some… connection? Crawford Path is the oldest continuously-used mountain trail in the United States.

They make their way upward.

Who goes there?

That’s it? Crawford Path ends there?

They look and feel elated. It’s a natural feeling after conquering this beast.

The skies finally begin to clear as they approach Jewell Trail.

Day Point-Five…

While the previous day was tough but very rewarding, this is relaxed. (They make great time up, but they linger on arrival.)

Close, long time friends.

A fun, scrambly bit.

They stop at the west end outlook for a break and to take in the view. They note the colors starting.

Wow, Madison and Washington visible.

The Wildcats and Carters — nope, not named after Jimmy.

Wow, this is a seriously nice mountain.

Chapel Rock… rocks.

Great job on the summits, and enjoying the show. Thank you for choosing to adventure with Redline Guiding.

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