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Tip-Top Wedding

Gayle and Tom, Married Sept 9th, 2020

For this wedding the bride and groom were going to arrive by way of the Cog Railroad, but our wedding officiant — Redline Guide Mike Cherim — took the Auto Road just to better ensure safety for all during these times. Plus he wouldn’t have to descend so soon after the ceremony. No schedule to follow. Hmm.

The summit would get very busy, but they were up there nice and early, before most of the car and train people, and even before most of the hikers. After all, it looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day with some breezes, warm weather, and plenty of sunshine. The tourists should come out in droves on such a day. Even Mike planned his own post-wedding hike… since he was already up there.

Last week the bride, concerned about the Mt Washington weather, asked Mike what they should if the weather is bad. Mike told her the weather would be great, he just knew it. The bride took this info to heart which removed that stress from her life. She was grateful for Mike’s optimistic best guess. Luckily Mike was right. Here are a few photos of their special day.

They disembark from their coach. Note the undercast in the background. Uh huh, they had that, too.

Love train.

Everyone gets into position in front of the Tip-Top House.

Post ceremony photos.

The day long awaited, here at last.

Congratulations on your Tip-Top Wedding on Mt Washington and thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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