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She Went With Jared

Jared and Erin — Married August 8th, 2020

Different spelling and with a twist, but we had go there when choosing a title for this happy post. A couple came to us looking for an accessible wedding location. Our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim made several suggestions, one of which was Cathedral Ledge. Only one problem: it’s closed to vehicular traffic and the bride and groom and their families certainly didn’t want to hike up in dress clothes. That said, all it took was a call to the state park to give us access — after paying the standard $100 fee to the state, that is.

So, aside from walkers and hikers (the climbers hadn’t made it all the way up yet), we had this famed local crag to ourselves. This is a very good year for this particular venue because of this closure. Once we drove up we opted for a spot at the south end at Mike’s suggestion, just above “Classroom Ledge.” Whitehorse Ledge looking magnificent as a backdrop. The couple loved the suggestion so it was there they tied the knot. This was followed by a few photos and a champagne toast (they made mimosas, yum). Check out these select photos of the event.

This feels like VIP treatment. Thank you, New Hampshire State Parks!

We march in to scout it out. The eager bride leads the way.

What a great looking couple. And so happy.

First in the candid series.

Second in the candid series — though it could be staged.

Poof! They’re married. We fast forward because Mike can’t film and administer justice at the same time, but he’s working on it.

The couple and their child.

The family congratulates the couple.

Family photo. What a great looking bunch.

A Champagne toast — mimosas happened.

With these rings we thee wed.

Congratulations to the the loving couple, and thank you for choosing Redline Guiding for your mountain wedding.

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