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A Mud Pond Wedding

Jessica & Gerald — Married August 2nd, 2020

“Redlining” the White Mountain Guide — meaning to hike all of the trails described in said tome — has offered the valued gift of insight. Insight to the trails, where they go, and what they’re like. This insight led to a wedding venue suggestion located on the obscure your-GPS-can’t-help-you-now side of the Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge in Jefferson, New Hampshire.

Specifically, there one will find short sixth-tenths of a mile, well graded wheelchair accessible trail leading to a bit of water called Mud Pond. In the final .2 of this trail there is a boardwalk which winds through some pristine wetlands including many mosses and ferns, and cedar and spruce trees. The boardwalk terminates on a deck positioned above the bog. It’s very unique and really quite lovely, and also very refined despite it being nestled in such a wonderfully wild location.

Without further ado, check out these photos from the happy event.

One of those magical days.. must be a wedding day.

The future starts here.

Dress up Mike.

The boardwalk begins.

Isn’t this amazing and cool?

The bride and groom seem to like it.

This must have been a tough build.

This end marks a beginning. But they usually do.

Congratulations you two.

A lovely place.

Just married… a new family begins.

Walking back.

Congratulations Jessica and Gerald. Good luck on the farm, may peace find you there.

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