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Tree-Centric Nature Tour

We don’t get a ton of requests for our nature tours, but it does happen. Our most recent request was a custom tour from a mother to her son. We say custom tour in that it covered a combination of topics ranging from trees to ferns, to plants and flowers, with some bog info thrown in — and everyone ended up learning from everyone else.

Of primary interest, however, was in the study of trees. Since Redline Guide Ken Hodges has studied dendrology, his leading the afternoon was a natural fit. A natural… Ah, okay, we’ll stop with the jokes. Check out these photos of their half day tour on the lovely Church Pond (was a) Loop Trail.

To get the goods, the team must suffer this!

Ken making the first crossing.

Ken pointing out something.

Mike went along to take some photos. (No close-ups.)

We start seeing some of the bog bridges along the way.

Pond view.

Quite the site.

Great job, Ken. Thanks to all. And thanks for choosing Redline Guiding.

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