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Dressed Up Hikers

Andy and Julia — married July 18, 2020.

The bride fell in love with the groom, and we mean that in the most literal sense possible. You see, she fell about 30′ off of a cliff doing some damage to herself in the process. Her body eventually mended but it was clear that there were going to long term effects from the fall. A progressive thing that would be with her forever. Provided they both said “I do.” (Spoiler Alert: They did). As mentioned at the start, the bride fell in love with the groom, and then they got married.

The service was atop Mt Washington to which we all drove. Redline Guide Álvaro Marques served as the photographer (photos below by Álvaro will be marked) while Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim performed the actual wedding service. They drove up together in Mike’s Jeep, masked because the two aren’t in the same “bubble.” The bride and groom and rest of the party also took their own vehicles.

The bride and groom wore dress clothes, proving you can dress up hikers — and they are indeed true-blue, dyed in the wool hikers what with having attempted a one-day winter traverse of the 32 mile Mahoosuc Range. That, for those who don’t know, would be a death sentence to roughly 99% of the US population. It’s that hard. Dressed to the nines as they were they must have been shocked to see Mike first amble over barefoot wearing gym shorts and a tank top, but he quickly explained he would change into the requested business casual attire at the top, albeit the summer version. You can dress up hikers, but it’s not a natural thing.

The wedding was a lovely affair though a very windy one on the west side of the Tip-Top House. That side offers an interesting backdrop without people clogging up the scene. After the ceremony Álvaro took more photos of the newlyweds accessing various points of interest. The crowds on the summit were significant so it did create some challenges, but nothing they couldn’t work around. While the photo shoot was going on, Mike went back to his Jeep to change layers reverting to his typical hiker look once again.

Not married just yet, but in a few minutes this does happen.

Moving into position.

The actual ceremony. Photo by Álvaro.

A hand up for the bride.

Post ceremony photo shoot.

The master at work.

Cooling our brakes on the way down. What a view.

Congratulations Julia and Andy!

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