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Colton & Lin — Married May, 23rd, 2019

This location is Hart’s Location. It is situated at the northwestern corner of Carroll County. Where three counties — Carroll, Coös, and Grafton — collide. There, at the very extreme, rests an elephant. He hides unsuccessfully in the trees. We see him and recognize his features coming from the north. His head is prominent and distinctive by its shape. You can’t miss it. It’s Elephant Head. You will see the eye which sees you first. This location is special, but particularly so to a handful of people who have made this location their location. (Seek out their stories here.) Couples like Colton and Lin from Maryland. This is the couple who on May 23rd, 2019, stood up there on the elephant’s head just after 5:00pm, held hands, and married each other. There two people created something new. A bond was formed. It happened in this location.

They hope to move up here in a few years. Then they will be able re-visit this location time and time again with ease. To seek out the memories made here while standing in the lightest of spring rains, saying their “I do”s. To relive these significant minutes at this location, and to create special new memories here, as well. Maybe they will detour here while hiking Mt Jackson. Or maybe this location will be their destination for the day, picnic basket in hand. In any case, the elephant will remember and is his own way, welcome them back to this special location in New Hampshire’s rugged mountains.

Officiating was Redline Guide, owner, and NH Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim. He shares these photos, with permission:

This location is a rugged one, but so worth the effort.

The bog bridges cover only a fraction of the bog. We’ve got this!

Almost there.

Sweeping view south into the beautiful Crawford Notch.

And sweeping views north across a lovely plateau.

They know their photographer well.

Fast forward a few joyful minutes and the deed is done. The moment is feeling.

The moment may be fleeting, but the results last a lifetime. Maybe longer.

What a great looking pair! They look so happy!

It’s sprinkling during their personal photoshoot.

This is very 2019.

They will be back. This is the sign they will seek.

Congratulations Colton and Lin!

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