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To Great Lengths

Mobolaji and Sarah Ann — Married 3/31/2019

The elephant remembers well the last wedding atop his head. Remembering is what elephants do, after all. The last wedding brought Arctic breezes, recalls the elephant, but he also remembers the warm spirits, the laughs, and the love. This wedding wasn’t bitter cold or exceptionally windy. This time the elephant, however, stood stoically in a cold, penetrating March rain. And like the last, he again remembers warm spirits, laughs and lots of love.

They arrived in a limo, dressed for a night on the town. They got out and assembled just-purchased trekking poles and donned light traction over dress shoes. Dyed in the wool hikers would roll their eyes at the sight, no doubt, but lovers the world over would note how this couple will go to great lengths, albeit in short distances, to tie the knot. In the rain. Undeterred. Not suffering. They were completely happy and at peace with the weather. Wet knots are impossible to untie. They were reminded of this fun little fact. Maybe it helped. Aside from squinting in the rain, they were all smiles the whole time.

Our Justice of the Peace, Redline Guide Mike Cherim was concerned about safety. He wasn’t guiding, it was a self-guided wedding party, he was only officiating the service — though he did walk in with the wedding party keeping an eye on things, just in case — he hoped they weren’t getting themselves into trouble. The hike in is only three-tenths of a mile (one way) but in the rain, postholing deep, dress shoes filling with snow… well, things could go bad.

But they didn’t. It was awesome. They wrote a section of the ceremony themselves, a vows exchange, and it was quite lovely from both the beautiful bride and dashing groom. What a delightful ceremony.Congratulations!

Arriving in style, thanks to Grace Limousine.

Their limo driver, Jen.

Neck deep postholes were possible on the snowbank traverse.

The soft snow challenges began here at the Elephant Head junction.

The group makes steady progress.

Some sections were tougher than others. They managed them all, though.

The beautiful, blushing bride.

She had been hiding a full length wedding gown the entire time. Talk about layers! The groom lovingly tends her train.

It’s hard to tell, but we were all standing in pretty steady rain. This moment was so special, though.

Now mister and missus. You may kiss!

Three tenths of a mile to get back. They were ready.

The groom offers his bride a hand.

Some of this did happen.

Everyone made it out safely.

Home bound.

Thank you for the pleasure of officiating your wedding, Mobolaji and Sarah Ann. Congratulations!

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