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Holiday Elopement

Adam and Alessandra, December 22nd, 2018.

Adam and Alessandra, being long time visitors to the White Mountains — often mountain running — and having tested various options in local dining and lodging, keep coming back over and over again to Jackson, NH. Most notably to the Eagle Mountain House on Carter Notch Road. This fabulous inn is so high on their list, in fact, they decided to make it the venue for their elopement. And we were there with Redline Guide and Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim to perform the service and officiate the event.

The Eagle Mountain Golf Course and the Doubleheads were in the background. A tinge of color touched the twin summits as the winter sun dropped behind us. The temperatures weren’t too cold yet, but it was nearing 4:00pm so the fading sun coupled with the building breezes cooled us as the groom waited at the altar. The bride didn’t take long making her way from the lobby to the decorated section of the porch, music playing, their photographer doing his thing. Love was in the air. And so, with staff bearing witness and the photographer capturing it all, the couple sailed through their vows opting for simple and basic. The results are nonetheless beautiful and everlasting… or at least until death do us part. Here are a few photos of the afternoon as captured by Mike.

The Wedding of Adam and Alessandra, December 22nd, 2018

The Veranda.

The main entryway, decked out for the holidays.

Our small but lovely winter outdoor altar.

About five minutes later they make their way back inside, now as husband and wife.

Alessandra and Adam, a hearty congratulations to you both. May you live on together in happiness.

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