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Full-On Winter

All smiles. Seriously. Photos by Ken.

That’s how Redline Guide Ken Hodges described the 5260-foot Mt Lafayette — a NH 4000-footer — Saturday when he was leading a couple on a special tour. We say “special” because the day actually stemmed from a postponed exploration adventure of Lincoln Slide. This slide exploration was supposed to happen today. Finally. But, as was the case in the wedding we had the same day, the weather would play a role. This, among other factors, affected the plan. Instead of Lincoln Slide, or even a classic traverse as was considered, the team opted for Lafayette and Lafayette alone — again. The slide will be there for another day.

What follows are some scenes from the day. The weather got in the way but the same weather also provided beauty. In these photos you will see clearly that they enjoyed their time, and why. It was, afterall, beautiful. Mt Lafayette. A taste of full-on winter. In October. This will certainly pass, more warm days will follow, the snow and rime will vanish, and the rock will again be dry and inviting. But for a bit, we get to admire and enjoy a glimpse into the near future. With anticipation, at least for the hardy souls who love it so. Like us!

The frost line is visible in the trees.

They cross the frost line and delve deeply into the alpine zone.

Our couple on the summit!

Alongside their guide.

This foundation withstands the weather year after year.

The rocks provide cover.

Impressive rime ice formation on this cairn.

They stop by the hut on the way down. Surprisingly it’s open, and packed full of people.

They descend via this “trail.”

The ridge section of Old Bridle Path offering a series of gorgeous in-looks.

Congratulations on the summit, team, and thank you for choosing Redline Guiding. Great job, Ken.

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