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Wedding by the Eagle

Dan and Beth. Married on Aug 25th, 2018. Standing here in one of their very first husband-wife photos.

It was a warm, summery evening at the lovely ceremony grounds located on the Eagle Mountain House property in Jackson, NH. It was there that our Justice of the Peace and Redline Guiding owner Mike Cherim would officiate the marriage of Dan and Beth.

While it was a formally attired affair, it was also laid back just like the bride and groom themselves. At their request Mike read his standard vows, which even read slowly, take less than five minutes. Some noted with astonishment how quickly the ceremony was, in fact, but most seemed grateful it wasn’t a long, drawn out affair. It was hot and humid. Anyway, if you really think about it, it’s not the ceremony that needs to last, it is the marriage which must live on in the hearts and minds of our couple. Now as a new husband and wife team. Forever to be partners, friends, and lovers.

In the spirit of the ceremony, this entry will be short and sweet, and to the point. Below are a few photos of the event itself and of a quick meeting afterwards with the new bride and groom along with his best man and her maid of honor.

The Eagle Mountain House is such a fine, old inn. A great venue choice on the part of the bride and groom.

Mike finds the magical location of the wedding by following a skipping and prancing flower girl. Adorable.

The groom and his best man laugh and have enjoyable conversation with Mike while awaiting the bride.

So, do you wonder what they’re taking about? Fishing. That’s right, fishing. They were eyeballing the Wildcat Brook. Mike offered to grab a couple of rods out of his van, but with only moments to go before the nuptials the gentlemen thought the better of it.

Time to get down to business. He does, she does, they do. Congratulations you two!

The maid of honor, groom, bride, and the best man. All smiles!

Mike quietly left as the guests were gathering for refreshments on the Veranda.

Congratulations Dan and Beth! May you both enjoy long lives and enduring love.

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