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Montanha do Pico

Goal set: Mt Pico, 7713′ and go…

Redline Guides Álvaro Marques and Ken Hodges haven’t been around all week. They’ve been hiking in Portugal — the country Álvaro hails from. Not just any old hiking, either. On this trip they had their sights set on the 7713-foot (2351m) Montanha do Pico (Mt Pico) the country’s tallest mountain. Specifically Mt Pico is a stratovolcano located on Pico Island in the mid-Atlantic archipelago of the Azores. What follows are some photos taken during their trip.

Mt Pico’s summit lies ahead. Poor “Alpine” — Álvaro’s own Arlette Laan creation — rests up for the final push. Photo by Álvaro.

Ken with his winter legs.

Reminiscent of our own White Mountain.

A bit of an undercast.

Álvaro pushes on, ever upward, toward the top.

What a stunning landscape.

Álvaro and Ken with friends Suzy and Tomoko.

We don’t lead tours to this area, per se, but we could if it was requested. For now it looks like it was a wonderful hiking vacation in a pretty special place for two of our guides. Nice to have you fellows back.

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