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Tours with Lisa, Part 2

Up there starts here.

Remember Lisa? It wasn’t long ago so you probably do if you follow us on Facebook (or subscribe to our blog… see sidebar). Lisa hired us to tackle Mt Lafayette, Lincoln, and the peaks along the northern half of the Franconia Ridge. She did great with her first goal making a successful loop and was ready for some more.

The ridge she did is a classic. Can anyone else think of any other iconic mountain or hike a hiker from Ohio might want to take on while visiting New Hampshire? Did someone say Mt Washington. At 6288-feet, being the tallest peak in the northeast, it’s an obvious choice, right? You guessed correctly if that’s what you answered. That’s what Lisa wanted. And thats what we delivered. Well, actually, she had to earn it on her own. We don’t deliver, but we did lead the way (and provided a Ready Pack).

Her last hike was with Redline Guide Ken Hodges so pairing the two up again seemed logical. In talking about the trip ahead of time, Ken stated he wanted to ascend via the Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail feeling that would deliver the most rewarding experience, with a possibility of descending via the Cog or by way of Jewell Trail to form a loop.

The day, as it turned out, went like this:

On Wednesday [Sept 27th] I hiked with our guest, Lisa. This is our second outing this week. It is a beautiful summer day in the fall on the Presidentials. We started up Ammo and got to the hut in time for a pre-lunch snack and to watch the helicopter take out supplies. An hour later we were standing on the summit of Mt Washington. Lisa was wowed, to put it mildly. We walked around the entire area and took photos from every angle. We then had a little lunch and started down following the tracks along the Cog. —Ken Hodges

And check out these photos:

Gem pool.

Gem of a smile.

Gaining ground. Nearing the treeline sign.

Closing up the hut.

Target acquired.

Contact made.

Can you see Ohio from there?

Way to go, team!

Wow, the Northern Presidentials look amazing. Great shot, Ken.

They elect to walk along the tracks to descend.

Congratulations Lisa on a successful trip. And, Ken, another fine lead. Well done.

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