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Run Like the Wind

Photo by Jay Philbrick.

We’re pleased to introduce “Run Like the Wind,” a women’s-only mountain running event.

The Details

This event is being led by Redline Guide Kristina Folcik. If you don’t know of Kristina (click the link above to find her profile), she is a bit of an expert on the subject of mountain running. And being a woman herself, might just be able to provide a completely unparalleled gender-specific experience. If you have concerns and questions, you can rest assured she probably had them, too, at one time.

This event is limited to four participants so if you’re interested in learning from the best, please register now (choose “Trail Running,” the date 9/9, and refer to this “Run Like the Wind” event).

Some Specifics

  • Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017.
  • Time: 8:00am – 4:00pm (approx.)
  • What: Southern Presidentials (10+ miles)
  • Rating: Beginner to intermediate.
  • Meet: Announced to participants only.
  • Cost: $89/per person (gear/grat. not incl.)

What To Bring

For an example of gear to bring and clothes to wear, please refer to our Trail Running page or contact us with your questions.

Ladies, to join in on the fun and learning, please register now for this event!

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