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Run. Fall. Learn. Run More

Today’s team, Kristine (L) and Rhonda (R).

While mountain marriages were happening on Mt Washington, Redline Guide Kristina Folcik was at the foot of Crawford Notch leading our first private Trail Running Intro course today. Spoiler Alert: It was a success.

Our guest, Rhonda, is preparing for a trail marathon and wanted to learn from one of the best. Pacing, nutrition, managing the heat, mindset (moving from road to trail, or getting out of the “little road running box” as Rhonda put it), and falling were all covered.

Fortunately, no falls stopped anyone and the pair pressed on for a rather full half day covering nearly ten miles in all. The trail: Nancy Pond Trail to Norcross Pond. It really fit the bill on such a day. Ten miles might not be the biggest day, but in this brutal heat and humidity, all we can say is wow, way to go!

Here are some photos, courtesy of Kristina, of today’s course.

Rhonda on Nancy Pond Trail.

Nancy Cascades.

Mountain runner!

Checking out the lovely Norcross Pond.

This is worth a run in the sun.

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