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Huntington Ravine Wedding

The happy couple: Jake and Meredith.

Will you marry us on Mt Washington… at the top of the fan in Huntington Ravine? they asked. They had me at “will you marry us” and, yes, what a great place for a wedding. So grand and magnificent, and room for a thousand guests. Guests who won’t show up because they weren’t invited. Jake and Meredith didn’t want a crowd. They picked a weekday and requested an early start to avoid crowds. I suggested 5:00am. They countered with 7:00am. In hindsight, since it wasn’t a guided hike and I hiked on my own for the bulk of it, I should have started at 5:00am to avoid the heat. The day was a scorcher!

A wedding on the mountain happened today. Witnessed by nature and all that live in the ravine. Official. Legal. The real deal. And soon to be repeated for show. Jake and Meredith will fly out to Colorado and family and go through the motions for them, white dress and all. But today, June 12th, 2017, on a mountain in New Hampshire (and a big one, at that), two souls became one in an everlasting union.

Good luck and congratulations to Jake and Meredith: two newlyweds, peak baggers, and lovers of mountains. May you have many wonderful years ahead! Keep hiking! And enjoy these select photos of your day:

The bride and groom carefully cross Raymond Cataract.

Our little chapel comes into view (and angels sing).

Jake and Meredith make their way across some remaining snow.

Jake goes ahead to secure the altar.

Meredith is lovely as the smiling bride.

The deed is done and the newlyweds share a moment.


Congratulations to them, now how about you? Wouldn’t you like a wedding like that? To get started… well, just get started.

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