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One Week to Go

We’ve had what is referred to in some circles as a “soft launch,” meaning we announced ourselves before our grand opening which is actually scheduled for October 17th — our hard launch. Between now and then, now that we are 99.8% complete with our to-do list, we are taking a break. Fully unplugged. In fact, we’re away right now! This blog entry was written a few days ago and was scheduled to post now. Carl will be monitoring our Facebook page, Bill has promised to feed the “company cat,” Shadow, and the rest is on autopilot. If you contact us, sign up for our newsletter, book an activity, register a wedding, etc., you will be reminded via an autoresponder email or a voice mail message that we’re away, and we will attend to these matters upon our return.

We’ll not bore you of the details of our getaway, but when we get back we should be fully charged.

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