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Launch Day

grand-openingIt’s like any other day, really. But the doors are open. We are ready to serve. We have some top-quality adventures to offer and our team’s collective in-depth knowledge of the area is impressive to say the least. We are also offering some excellent courses designed to help some folks get started while training others for their next big thing.

Of special interest at this time, please consider the following:

  • Hiking Adventures: This is a fantastic time of the year to hike, but caution is necessary. Shorter days, and some cold mountain weather is a reality right now. We will ensure you’re prepared, and safe.
  • Wilderness Navigation: This is the best time of year to learn your map and compass skills. No bugs, not too hot, great sightlines. Plus we have a special deal running until 12/15/16.
  • Winter Skills: The timing of the half-day indoor course is perfect. Take the time now to gain the knowledge and preparatory skills needed for a safe ascent (and descent) of any winter peak in the White Mountains.

We hope you’ll welcome us and embrace our business with open arms, and of course we hope you’ll book with us today.

Don't Wait Too Long!

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