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Looking for guides

We are presently looking for individuals qualified to be mountain guides to lead groups under contract with Redline Guiding LLC, at least starting talks. We plan to begin on October 17th and that isn’t exactly a busy time of year. By winter, however, we hope to be busy. The person or people we bring on must be fit and capable, have technical skills necessary for the position as well as superior judgement and interpersonal skills.

Please note that all guide positions are open, though with preference to entry-level candidates at this juncture. If you love to get outdoors to hike a lot, have a good nature, are sharp and can think on your feet, and would like to explore the possibility of a career as a mountain guide, you should apply for a position today.

Please note that guides are sub-contractors, not employees, but are under a contract via an Independent Contractor Agreement (Protected File).

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