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Some services available

We are opening October 17th, 2016, right after Barb and I return from our honeymoon. By that time the company will be recorded by the state (check), a TIN applied for and received (check), PayPal updated (check), inventory added (check), our US Forest Service oufitter’s permit will be in, our insurance in place, and we should be all geared up and ready to go. Until then… well, the website and some is done, the gears that will make our company function are prepared to turn without a hitch — and we are basically ready.

And that brings me to add that we are ready, at least for some services. Weddings, for example. We are ready to go. Want to get married? We can oblige. Moreover, certain educational offerings, ones that don’t necessarily take us onto the National Park, can be offered now. Classes include Winter Skills and Wilderness Navigation at the moment. Feel free to book now for those offerings.

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