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Hello Green Screen Tours

The mountain will be there another day is what they tell you, but will you be? Nobody’s getting any younger. The Seven Summits aren’t going to hike themselves, but you have to work. You have to feed your kids, you have a spouse, friends, family, co-workers. The time press is relentlessly squeezing. Just getting to the park to walk the dog is a thing nowadays.

Here at Redline Guiding we are all about making dreams come true — and no dream is too big. If you want to stand atop Mont Blanc, Denali, K2, Everest, or any one of the world’s most iconic mountains, we can help. And we can do so both quickly and at a price point you can actually afford. Thanks to modern green screen technology we can produce still images and video of you and your party conquering the planet, creating memories you can fake for a lifetime.

Hikers of local mountains may also partake. It doesn’t have to be one of the biggies you’re hoping to bag. You want Owls Head without the slog, or Hale without the hell? We can help. We can beat the Cog Railroad to the Mt Washington summit by 30 minutes (only Travis can beat us). We can help you accomplish the GRID in less than 48 hours and the Direttissima only takes 1:45:13.25. Want all the patches in a year? You have come to the right place. Please contact us for a consultation and estimate.

This amazing landscape is ready for our model to populate.

Our model poses in front of a green screen.

Our set revealing the image background.

Our model standing for final placement in the scene.

And in the final image, BOOM, our model is traversing this snowfield in France.

Please note that this piece was published on April 1st and is indeed, FAKE NEWS. Thanks for the fun.

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