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Coaching the Mountain Run

By way of a special arrangement, stunt double and stand-in guide Kristina Folcik — from White Mountain Endurance Coaching — took a single guest on a one-on-one mountain run today. Our guest’s hope is to start running the Whites and from us she was hoping for some higher level insights. Kristina touched on skills/techniques, pacing, reading rocks, fueling up, hydration, planning, preparation, packing, safety, weather, etiquette, […]

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Nimble Guides

The plan was set, we were leading two people who wanted to hike up and summit Mt Washington (6288′). Not given any specifications or requirements, we were going to head up the west side via the Ammo and Crawford Path. That was what we were going to do. Until, that is, our main contact casually asked if she might be able peer into Tuckerman Ravine. Apparently, […]

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Opportunities to Learn

This weekend was another of the series of “confidence building” backpacking trips Redline Guide Arlette “Apple Pie” Laan has been offering. There’s been a fair amount of interest so as long as that remains, she’s inclined to teach and to share. This weekend had a fairly narrow weather window, but as predicted everyone was safe and they got out before the deluge by packing up and […]

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Following Her Passion

Some people hike to tick off the boxes next to some list — and there is absolutely nothing wrong that — while others hike because they’re drawn to the scenery, they love the fresh air, because it clears their mind, and/or they want to increase their fitness. To HYOH, or “Hike Your Own Hike,” as they say, allows us this freedom to comply or deny when […]

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Two Days of Intros

World Peace… Grown Locally —Friends Forever International  For two days a large group broken into two teams studied two disciplines with us. Namely they took our Hiking Intro and Rock Climbing Intro courses. The group, visiting us again having undergone a youth leadership training day last month, is from the Friends Forever International (FFI). This youth leadership camp was cool and interesting, the way they carried […]

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Eager to Overcome

Some things we’ll do in our lives just won’t be easy, yet we will find them necessary and will either push through them or perish at their hand. Redline Guide Brian Wasiewski recently guided one guest on the Wildcat Ridge Trail. For those who don’t know, this “Terrifying 25” trail is “heady” with its scrambles and occasional exposures. Those places where you know if you slipped […]

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Gimme a Classic

What is referred to here in the White Mountain National Forest as a “Classic” — or a “Presi” — is the Classic Presidential Traverse. This hike, which hovers around 20 miles and offers over 8000 feet of elevation gain (depending upon specific routing) is long. It tackles several 4000-footers. In this case, collected were Mounts Madison (5363′), Adams (5797′), Jefferson (5713′), Washington (6288′), Monroe (5369′), Eisenhower […]

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