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Skiing the Clouds

What began as a group outing was unfortunately whittled down to a one-on-one ski tour due to unforeseen circumstances. But fun was had, nonetheless. The primary objective for the day was to shred Tuckerman Ravine and that part would stay indeed intact. On lead for this cloudland tour was Redline Guide Will Murphy and, together, they booted up Right Gully, skied it, then did the same on the opposite side on the logically-named Left Gully. They exited via the John “SureBurn” Sherburne Ski Trail when all was said and done. In the photos that follow, taken by Will, you will note smiles all around, nice snow, and lot of clouds in the ravine. They skied them, too.

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Fine lead, Will. Great tour, team. And to our guest: thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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