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Of Mountains and Glaciers

While we have no glaciers here in the Northeast, we do have wide, snow-covered hills that may resemble glaciated terrain… if you squint. And that’s all we need. Even for practicing crevasse rescue. Bi-angled hills, trees for self-rescue, some creative use of the landscape plays a role in our training. The training featured in this blog post was a custom combination course. The morning was our standard half-day mountaineering skills course, in this case, and the afternoon was the standard glacier travel half day of our full day glacier skills course — with what looks like some guest torture added in since it appears Redline Guide Pat Ferland had them climb a rope using Prusiks (a loop of cord is a Prusik and using it as a type of friction hitch goes by the same name). This is not an easy feat!

Great work everyone. Great course, Pat, and to our students, thank you for training with Redline Guiding!

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