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Gulf of No Slides Please

The report and photos came in quickly from Redline Guide Will Murphy. He was leading a backcountry ski tour for two fellas from Canada. one from Ontario, the other from Quebec. They were curious about this form of skiing and wanted to gain more knowledge and experience. The objective for the day was the Gulf of Slides.

According to Will, that despite the forecast — which was rather questionable to be sure — the conditions were much better than expected. “Ascending,” he told us “there was always fresh snow and the surface underneath was easily edgeable.

The team entered Main Gully but it was tight. Avalanche conditions stayed in the green throughout the day, but as they got higher up it became evident there was danger of long, sliding falls. With that potential hazard present, the team opted to turn from there and just ski out. Back in the woods conditions were great. “The snow was soft and the skiing fun!” Our friends from the north had a great time!

Nice lead, Will! Great job, team! And to our guests, thank you for adventuring in the backcountry with Redline Guiding!

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