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Jackson-Webster in “Winter”

When someone asks, what’s the best way to train for hiking, we respond with “hiking.” When someone asks, what’s the best way to train for winter hiking, we respond with “winter hiking,” which, if you didn’t know, comes early in the mountains. So while one may argue it’s still fall so it can’t be winter hiking — and technically they would be correct — tell that to the mountains.

Leading on this trip, again with this returning guest, was Redline Guide Chase Hall. Chase led her, upon request, to Mt Jackson (at 4052′, it’s one of our 4000-footers) then led the way to Mt Webster (one of the 52 With A View reaching to 3910′).

Chase also provided this summary along with a few photos. Check it out…

December 2nd, 2023 — Jackson-Webster Loop

A guest that I’ve hiked with before wanted to get in some more practice hikes in winter. She was thinking about Mt. Jackson and Mt. Webster. I was totally sold. I loved the idea and gave her some advice on what to pack for this type of hike. I told her that the higher summits did get a fresh blanket of snow and that we should think about carrying Snowshoes. We both agreed that carrying them would help save our legs for coming back down Mt. Webster. We were right! After we got to the summit of Mt. Jackson we walked on trail a little bit and decided it was smart for us to don our snowshoes. For the 1.2 miles from Mt. Jackson to Mt. Webster we wore them — for the first time this season! It was so nice feeling that feeling again of walking on snow and not having my legs scream at me for putting in more work. The temps were in the high 30s the snow was super soft like mashed potatoes so having snowshoes made the hike over to Webster that much more enjoyable. What was even more enjoyable was that our guest was happy and wants to hike again in winter. I told that was ready when she was. —Chase


Great lead, Chase! Also to our guest, nicely done! Up there it’s winter!

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