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Huntington in the Clear

A quick search on our blog will reveal many, many stories about hikes up Huntington Ravine. Guidance on it is requested a lot being it’s such a scary trail — and deservedly so. The Fan, the Slab, the delicate and precarious moves along the way, the over all exposure, and all of it topped off by a Chimney. “It’s the most challenging trail in the WMNF… do you really want it?” Yes, of course, we’ll reply.

This trip was with a returning Huntington Ravine guest. The last time (with Will) dished up some poor visibility on the Alpine Garden, but this time skies were very clear creating a different experience. It was an absolutely perfect day this time around. Leading, Redline Guide Dominic Torro captured it with the following photos:

Great job, team! To our guest, thank for your continuing adventure with Redline Guiding!

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