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2 Hikers, 2 Hikes, 2 Days

Two fellows looking for two hikes over a period of two days. Specifically, on day one they took on and conquered Mt Pierce (4313′). On day two, they wanted something different. Their guide Redline Guide John Bergman, opted to take them on Zealand Trail, brought them into the spectacular Zealand Notch, and had them check out Zealand Falls and the Hut where they enjoy coffee and snacks before leaving the way they came. John maximized teachable moments on this trip. With help from recent rains, John was able to helping them better understand the challenges and solutions of stream crossings.

Day One: Crawford Path to Mt Pierce

Day Two: Zealand Trail, Notch, Falls, and Hut

Great lead, John, and awesome job to the team. Thank you for adventuring with Redline Guiding!

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