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Winter Hiking Begins

We received reports from both our oft-returning guest and Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer, allowing us to compare and choose some highlights. We helped select the objective. The suggestion partly based on what our guest — done with her 48 4000-Footers and now working on her 52 With A View — “needed” (though it wasn’t the only thing). The suggestion was also ideal in that the length of the adventure was variable. The idea was that the team could begin a counter-clockwise loop on the UNH Trail aiming for the 2543-foot summit of Mt Hedgehog, then decide from there whether or not to proceed down to the East Ledges and continue on, forming a loop.

Our guest hadn’t been hiking for a little bit, and with winter here along with a heavier pack she thought she might want to really hold back a bit. But as it turned out, she felt great. They both did. And because of this, doing the loop was a natural choice. After summiting, the team pressed on and got it all done. We suppose it’s all for the best. To claim the mountain, after all, it seems all the views should be enjoyed and admired. And they were. The takeaways from the day were many, as Phoebe and guest both noted. As follows.

  • The day ended up being clearer, warmer, and nicer than forecast.
  • The trail was broken out. This could have been a game-changer.
  • It was sparkly. Everything looked like glitter on a holiday card.
  • The whole hike was in snowshoes offering the team all of the benefits.
  • Other hikers were there, but none were actually seen all day long.
  • They worked on their “country twang,” neither of them were very good.
  • It was a lovely day to welcome winter, the days now starting to lengthen.

Great job, team. Way to welcome winter!

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